Carl Philipp Drese, M. E.
(CEO, owner)

Born 1989 in Dresden and raised in the Müritz area in Mecklenburg/Vorpommern; since then a "Bachelor of Arts" degree (2009-2013) followed by a "Master of Education" degree (2014-2016) at the music conservatory of Luebeck with the main instrument being the piano; furthermore a second paedagogical subject geography at the university of Hamburg. Next to working on my degree I enjoyed working on numerous organisational tasks. I also organised musicals for children, music events and I supported many productions not only at the music conservatory of Luebeck but also at other venues such as the Händelfestspiele in Göttingen, the Bundeskongress Musikunterricht (BMU) and the GermanPops Orchestra on its tour in Taiwan.
For many years I have supported several productions in various fields of event management by taking care of light, film and sound engeneering. For over five years I have organised workshops, trainings and masterclasses for children and teenagers as well as aspiring music students and adults at the musicschool Lübecker Musikschule.
My work and my private interests made me travel to many countries such as Scandinavia, North America, Oceania and Taiwan but I also enjoyed visiting the beautiful European metropoles such as Leipzig, Göttingen and Vienna. For many years I worked as a tour guide in Mecklenburg/Vorpommern and Sweden.

Dorian Kannenberg, M. E.
(CEO, owner)

Born 1989 and raised in Frankfurt (Oder) I studied music as a school subject at the music conservatory of Luebeck (2009-2015), my main instrument being the violin. I also studied at the university of Hamburg to become a history teacher. In 2015 I completed my studies with the degree "Master of Education".
As a violinist, I played for eight years in the youth philharmonic orchestra of Brandenburg, including several years as concertmaster. Numerous projects and engagements in various orchestras and recordings led me to Lithuania, Austria, China, Malaysia, India and Taiwan.
Alongside my studies I developed my enthusiasm for sound and video technology, so that I could support many productions in the name of the music conservatory of Luebeck as a sound engineer.
I was able to deepen my experience and insights due to the project oriented nature of my degree. I organised many projects in Luebeck and the surrounding area for my university, such as "the open day of the music conservatory", the commercial event "Lübeck klingt" and the concert tour of the GermanPops Orchestra to Taiwan. Since 2013 I have been managing the youth symphony orchestra of Luebeck.